Industries Served

Communications Consultants of Colorado serves a wide variety of industries, from Architects to Insurance to Medical to Spas. Every business needs what we offer. Our clients sleep well at night knowing that we focus on saving your business money while increasing efficiencies and reducing business risks.

Auto Recycler

Communications Consultants understands the unique communications needs of the Auto Recyclers community. We are a proud Associate Member of U-R-G. Our industry expert, Ken Gurvin, has served venerable Yards like Stadium Auto Parts and Fair Auto & Truck Parts for over 16 years. Currently, Ken is working with Auto Recyclers from Alaska to Georgia, helping them achieve outstanding results, like phone system upgrades that deliver monthly cost reductions of up to 39%.


The Not-for-Profit Sector appreciates our commitment to reducing net monthly recurring costs. Since most of our non-profit companies rely on donations or grants to pay the bills, they must be cautious in how and with whom they entrust their monthly services. We are incredibly proud to have served some of our non-profit clients for over 20 years. The fact that we have been trusted to broker several generations of systems and services is deeply humbling and gratifying.


From beer to furniture to technology, we provide connectivity and communication solutions that allow teams to collaborate efficiently in, out, and across the enterprise. Since many of our manufacturing clients also have a retail component, they like that we broker services proven to deliver a superior customer experience.

Businesses of all types appreciate our commitment to providing high-quality phone services at amazing discounts and combining those services with great internet deals to achieve lower costs than paying for obsolete and inefficient technologies.